Used Car Shopping Secrets Divulged

October 8, 2013 by
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CarsIts time to put the daunting elemon rumors to bed. Finding the right used car has potential to be tricky, but if you follow a few simple guidelines, youll be sure to find yourself behind the wheel of a great car.

Shopping for a used car is the easiest way to save money and you can still find a vehicle that looks and feels like new. Follow these easy steps from one of your favorite used car dealers near Boston, Quirk Pre-Owned, to get on the fast-track to savings.

The least laborious step to inspecting a potential used car is to do an over view of the body. You can check yourself, or have a trained technician take a look, but making sure that there are no signs of rust or blisters in the paint. A minor scratch or dent isnt going to compromise the integrity of the vehicle; however, is there are clashing paint shades, or misaligned panels, that could indicate an accident history or poor repair.

Shedding Some Light on the Vehicle’s History

The lights of a used car are also important to check for several reasons. Lighting damage can be a red flag for further technical issues. When a lens brakes, some drivers use different bulbs as replacements, which can cause serious electric or heating problems. Making sure that the lights are not only working, but they are the correct type of lenses, can help you avoid the cost of fixing bigger issues in the near future.

Those dashboard indicators earned the nickname idiot lights for a reason. Buying a used car without checking the dashboard indicators, or ignoring illuminated signals, would be like buying a gallon of milk two weeks after its expiration date. One of the first elements of your inspection should involve starting the vehicle and checking the dashboard; if a warning light appears, take it as a sign that you should move on.

You can find an exceptional pre-owned vehicle for an affordable price by following these few basic guidelines.

Check out Quirk Pre-Owned, one of the leading used car dealers near Boston, to test-drive a used car and eliminate the risk.

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