Used Car Dealership Serving Boston Tells Drivers When Its Time To Pull Over

September 23, 2013 by
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TruckDriving is no joke. People tend to forget that when we drive, we are actually operating a very heavy, very fast piece of machinery that has the potential to turn into a deadly weapon if we arent careful. Automotive technology has evolved and allowed for the creation of advanced safety equipment, but still, certain precautions just cant be ignored. The easiest way to avoid road disasters is to understand when it you need to pull over.  Quirk Pre-Owned, a used car dealer serving Boston, wants to keep our drivers, and your cars, safe on the road with a few simple tips.

Weve all done it. Whether its because you were trying to open the cap to a water bottle, fumbling with the drive-through bag of french fries sitting on the seat to next us, or trying to put your cell phone away; weve all dropped something under the seat while we were behind the wheel and bent down to pick it up. We all should be counting our blessings that we escaped those situations unscathed, for a car driving 65 mph travels almost 100 feet per second. That means, for the few seconds we were too busy trying to find that insignificant object form under the seat to look at the road, the vehicle cleared about 300 feet, at a very high speed, completely blind. No french fry or bottle cap is worth risking your, and other peoples, lives for. Next time you drop something that cant wait to be picked up at your destination, pull over to the side of the road and fish it out safely.

Our used car dealership serving Boston explains the signs of when you need to pull over.

A Little Cabin Craziness Equals A Lot Of Accident Risk

Some of us prefer to travel with only a four-legged friend, while others carry an entire litter of family members each time you drive. No matter how passengers are in your car, always be aware of the behavior. Theres no arguing that mothers are innately multi-tasking experts, but it is humanly impossible to be able to control a fast-moving vehicle safely, while shelling out punishments to rowdy kids in the backseat. If you have misbehaving kids with you, or a dog that decided the highway was a good place to jump into your lap, theres no better time to pull over. Anything, or anyone, that diverts your attention from the road is dangerous and it should be handled once the vehicle is stopped.

Sudden illness or a medical emergency is definitely a situation in which puling over is vital to safety. Trying to make it home to call for help is incredibly dangerous. If a medical emergency occurs, or even if you are feeling less gravely ill, it is very important to pull over to the side of the road to call 911.

The vehicles of today are infinitely safer than what was on the road a few decades ago, but using your own instinct and judgment is still very important.

Quirk Pre-Owned wants our drivers to say safe on the road by understanding when its time to get off it.

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