Used Car Dealer Serving Boston Tells You How to Travel with Your Tree

January 6, 2014 by
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CarsChristmas is just around the corner, so there are some final preparations to be made. Its important to go through all of those finishing touches, to make sure you have all of your Santas in a row, so that you can enjoy a seamlessly merry Christmas.

Perhaps the most iconic of these preparations is putting up the Christmas tree. This tradition has survived centuries, yet people continue fail miserably at these attempts.

So, unless you have already conceded to a store-bought plastic tree, learn how to properly (and safely!) transport your Christmas tree with some tips from Quirk Pre-Owned, our used car dealer near Boston.

The Danger of Tree Transportation

It seems like we all know a story or too about Christmas trees gone-wrong. Were all familiar with the chaos of Clark Griswald in Christmas Vacation, and the hilarity of his endless Christmas tree mishaps. Movies forget to mention the serious danger of these situations, though, and that vehicle-related road debris causes over 250,000 accidents a year, according to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. These crashes claim 81 to 90 lives during the holiday season each year.

So, to avoid a devastating accident, its important to make sure your Christmas tree is attached correctly to your car.

“If someone at the farm or lot where you buy the tree offers advice on the best way for you to transport your tree, take it said Rick Dungey, National Christmas Tree Association spokesman. Those folks deal with thousands of trees per year and you deal with one.”

Here are a few pointers to get your tree home for the holiday:

  • Christmas trees are meant to be enjoyed; dont let yours become the cause of a holiday horror story. Visit our Boston area used car dealer Quirk Pre-Owned to learn more about driving safely during the yuletide season.Dont forget to net. While this extra step may seem silly, considering youre just going to trim it with ornaments and lights when you arrive home, it can help to prevent incidents from occurring along the way. The netting makes the entire tree manageable; therefore you will be less likely to make mistakes while you are tying it down. Also, make sure that if you are tying it to the roof of your car that the trunk is facing front. This makes the tree more aerodynamic.
  • Before you actually drive away from the tree lot, give the tree a few tugs to make sure everything is tied tightly and it is secured to your vehicle. When in doubt, double-check each knot to make sure they wont come undone during the ride.
  • Of course, drive slowly and avoid the highway if possible. The extra weight of the tree affects the cars center of gravity and makes controlling the vehicle more difficult.

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