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November 7, 2013 by
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2013 GMC SierraTires are like shoes for your car, and just like the shoes on your feet, they need to be replaced after a while. A major difference between shoes and tires, though, is that when tires become worn out, they can be dangerous to the driver of the vehicle. Tires that are in poor condition dont have the traction or strength it takes to keep you stable on the road. Quirk Pre-Owned, our used car dealer in Massachusetts, has a few easy tips to make sure you stay safe behind the wheel.

Tire Tips 101

Paying attention to the tires on your vehicle is important for the health of the vehicle, as well as the safety of you and your passengers.

Tread depth is vital to the traction of your tires, which is especially important on slippery and wet surfaces. Checking the tires tread is simple, and only requires a penny. Insert the penny with the Lincoln-side facing towards you, head-down into the tread. If Lincolns entire head is still visible, its probably time to start looking for new tires. Your tire tread should never dip below 1/16 of an inch.

While the tread of your car’s tires is vital, the sidewalls are important also. Cracks or cuts in the sidewalls can be a sign that the tire is beginning to leak or close to blowing out. If you find cracks in the sidewalls of the tires, take your vehicle to a service center and consider shopping for some new tires soon.

Another problem to be on the lookout for is blistering. These blisters tend to look like bubbles on the surface of your tires and can be a sign that the tire has potential to blow-out. When a tire blows out, it puts you in immediate danger for a serious accident. So, if you happen to catch any of these blisters the next time you check your cars tires, its always best to take it in for a check-up at a service center.

Checking your vehicles tires for wear and tear is key to the overall health of your car, as well as your safety on the road. Check out Quirk Pre-Owned, our Massachusetts used car dealer, to learn more tire tips today!

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