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December 12, 2013 by
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headlightsOne of the many factors that need to be considered before you start the car shopping process is your credit. These days, it seems like its impossible to live debt-free. Whether you have student loans, a mortgage or credit card balances, chances are you have some kind of debt sitting somewhere. This comes into play while you are shopping for a car because your credit score directly affects the type of car loan you are able to get.

If your credit score isnt ideal, dont fret; a few simple steps can give your score the boost it needs in order for you to get the car loan that works best for you.

Check out Quirk Pre-Owned, one of the leading used car dealers in Massachusetts, to learn how to give your credit score a little oomph.

Give Yourself a Little Credit

Life happens and, at some point, everyone finds themselves in a financial crunch. Rather than punishing yourself for the past mistakes and tough times that loom in your credit history, be proactive in correcting those glitches today.

A few easy steps are all it takes to get you back on track.

Watch your credit card balances.  How much revolving credit you have versus how much of that credit you are actually using plays a major role in your credit score.

One of the best ways of boosting that score is paying down your balances,” says Lauren Bowne, staff attorney with Consumers Union. “Having the ability to use a lot of credit is good, but you have to have low balances,” she says.

The smaller the percentage of credit you are using, the better your score will be. Aim for 10 percent or lower, and youll see a significant improvement in your credit score.

Expunge nuisance balances. Getting rid of nuisance balances is an easy way to boost your score. While maintaining a low balance on your credit cards is a good thing, letting several nuisance balances sit negatively affects your score.

Rather than charging small amounts on several cards, condensing the number of credit cards you have and only using one or two for purchases will give your score the boost it needs.

If your credit is struggling, that doesnt mean your car shopping days are over just make a few adjustments and youll be driving in no-time.

Visit Quirk Pre-Owned, one of the leading Massachusetts used car dealers, for more car shopping tips, or to test-drive a top notch used car.

For more information, call us at (877) 466-1512 today!

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