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October 22, 2013 by
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CarsA vehicle is an investment. You spend a large amount of money expecting to have it for a certain number of years; however, many people dont know how to properly care for their vehicle, which can cut your cars life short by a significant amount.

Our used car dealer in Massachusetts wants you to get the most out of your car, so follow a few simple guidelines to keep your vehicle on the road, running like new.

Make your trips count. Contrary to common belief, short trips can be rough on your car. When your destination is less than 10 minutes away, the engine of you vehicle doesnt have enough time to reach its full operating temperature. The water from your engine that is supposed to turn to vapor and then expunged sits in the engine and exhaust. Stagnant water can cause rust, which can mean the death of your car and wallet.

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Take It Easy and Pay Attention

Everyones lives are busy these days, and unfortunately our vehicles bear the brunt of our frenzy. Making the effort to drive gently, however, will save your car from a lot of damage. Avoiding panic-braking and keeping the pedal from hitting the floor will allow your car to survive your hectic life.

In cold weather, its important to turn your car on a few minutes before you begin to drive, to allow the engine oil to warm-up. Once you start to drive, take it slow for the first few minutes so the oil can fully lubricate the guts of your car.

Pay attention to the dashboard warning lights. There a few key warning signals that must be taken seriously the moment they turn on, including the engine oil light, the engine temperature gauge and the brake light. All it takes is few minutes of ignoring these warnings to do some serious damage to your car. When these lights illuminate, the vehicle is practically begging you for help in its final effort. These essential dashboard warning signals are called “idiot lights” for a reason; so when they appear, stop driving and seek professional help immediately.

Caring for your car is easy when you follow these few basic guidelines. Get your moneys worth and keep your car running.

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