How to Avoid Becoming a Car Thief’s Easy Target

October 24, 2013 by
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CarsThere are few more frustrating and upsetting circumstances in life than when your car is stolen. You pour your heart, soul, and hard-earned money into your car, leaving you disoriented and hopeless when it vanishes. Avoiding theft involves following a few minor precautions; a small price to pay considering the alternative could be losing your car. Quirk Pre-Owned, one of your favorite used car dealers near Boston, has a few tips to help deter car thieves.

Auto theft experts from the National Insurance Crime Bureau and Highway Loss Data Institute suggest following a series of common sense security measures to protect your car, and your wallet.

To Catch a Car Thief

A security system is certainly helpful in warding-off a car thief, but its abilities are limited. Evading auto theft is best left to human intuition and religiously practicing safety prudence.

Remove your keys from the ignition and always lock your doors. We all get comfortable in our neighborhoods and local shopping centers, but leaving the keys in the ignition or leaving the car running is an open invitation for a thief to jump in for a joy ride. So, regardless of how short your shopping trip will be,park your car in a parking spot and take the keys with you into the store. Those few extra steps could save you a few thousand dollars.

Car thieves spend their time breaking into and stealing vehicles, so they are seasoned professionals. Presenting your vehicle in the least compromising position will likely send a perpetrator away from your car. If you are parking on a street, opt for a well-lit area and angle the front tires sharply toward the curb. This makes towing your car very difficult and time-consuming. In the instance of parking in a driveway, always park with the front facing the street. A thief is less likely to try to tamper with a car if the point of entry is on display in plain view.

Taking these simple precautionary measures can greatly reduce your risk of becoming a victim of auto theft. You spent a lot of time and money shopping for your vehicle, whats a few extra steps each day to keep it safe?

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