Where to Get Coffee in Braintree, MA

Nothing beats a hot cup of joe, especially when the weather drops. Whether you like your coffee dark and bold or light and sweet, there’s something for every coffee enthusiast here in Braintree MA. Check out some of our favorite coffee shops in Braintree and the surrounding areas!

If you like the color pink, you’ll love Marylou’s News. The atmosphere is relaxing yet flamboyant, and there are plenty of coffee beverages to choose from as well as comfort foods. You’ll find Maylou’s in Braintree as well as other areas scattered around the northeast region.

If you’re in a rush, you’ll need to stop by Nordstrom Ebar Artisan Coffee. They serve coffee and other espresso beverages as well as pastries and quick bites for those in a rush.

The Casual Cup Café is known for their relaxed environment and chill ambiance. Popular with locals, Casual Cup Café serves delicious soup and other foods, making it a great stop for breakfast or lunch.

Take a drive to Quincy to experience Coffee Break Café, a coffeehouse known for their flavored coffee beverages as well as pastries made from local bakeries. There are also non-coffee beverages available.

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the basics. Popular chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ are also available in Braintree and the surrounding areas. Offering more flexible hours and a wide assortment of food choices to go along with their endless coffee beverage choices, these can be good options as well.

Nothing wards off a dreary Monday morning quite like a hot cup of coffee. Sure, you can stick with the bland stuff your work provides, but nothing beats quality coffee made by expert baristas. Check out one of these locations and let us know what you think!

How bad can it get if you don't replace the air filter?

Neglecting automotive service is always a bad thing, and depending on what it is you’re neglecting, you could end up with some costly damages in the future. The air filter is one such component that you might just ignore, but this can lead to some dire consequences. What exactly happens if you don’t change the air filters in your car? Let’s take a look!

What does the air filter do?

The air filter in your car serves as an air purifier. It traps harmful contaminants and debris from the outside before they can enter your cabin. This is especially useful if you’re someone who has allergies since the air filter will keep the pollen in the air out of the cabin.

How bad can it get if you don’t replace the air filter?

When the air filter gets too dirty, it will get clogged and the engine won’t be able to suck up enough air to the combustion chamber. When this happens, the engine will use more gas and less air, which will result in poorer performance and a drop in fuel efficiency. More than likely, your check engine light will turn on. While this rarely results in permanent damage, neglecting the air filter for long enough may cause the engine to stop running completely. Debris from the outside can build up over time and really wreak havoc on the combustion chamber.

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