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headlightsJust like humans, cars get old. As time passes, you may begin to notice some wear on various parts of your vehicle and, also similar to people, regardless of how you care for your car, signs of aging are just inevitable. Luckily, reversing some aging giveaways on your car doesnt require extreme measures, like Botox injections or plastic surgery. All it takes is a little elbow grease and a few minutes out of your day.

One of the most obvious signs of aging on a vehicle is foggy headlights. It doesnt matter how many times a week your car goes through the car wash or if youve never missed an oil change foggy headlights are dead-giveaways to the actual age of your vehicle.

Check out Quirk Pre-Owned, our used car dealer near Boston, to follow a few simple steps that can erase these age-revealers and leave your car looking brand-new.

A Few Steps to Clear Headlights

De-fogging you cars headlights only takes a few materials and steps to complete. Purchasing a headlight restoration kit is helpful and they include a bulk of the materials you need for the job.

Step One:  Clean the headlight area with either a household glass cleaner or soap and water to remove any surface-level dirt and debris. Make sure headlights are completely dry before you proceed.

Step Two: Tape the surrounding area of each headlight with painters tape. This is an important step because it helps to prevent sanding damage to the paint during the process. Use a spray bottle filled with water or lubrication liquid provided by the restoration kit to soak the headlight and moisten the lowest level of sandpaper provided.

Step Four: Rub the sandpaper from side-to-side across the surface of the headlight. This should create a glazed look. Move on to the next highest grit of sandpaper and repeat the process until you reach the highest level of sandpaper grit.

Step Five: Lastly, apply a small amount of the polisher liquid provided by the kit to an applicator pad or buffing ball, and pan back and forth over the headlight until the glazed look is cleared. Dry the headlight with a paper towel or detailing cloth to complete the process.

Ridding your headlights of its foggy film will instantly upgraded the look of your car, regardless of how old it actually is.

Visit Quirk Pre-Owned, our Boston area used car dealer, to learn more tips about how to care for your car today!

For more information, call us at (877) 466-1512.

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