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March 2, 2013 by
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CarsEver wonder why some states require vehicles to have two license plates? While many drivers would attribute this law to the safety and law enforcement of the roadways, it turns out that when experts examined these laws more closely, the answer to that question isnt quite as clear.

Currently, 31 states, plus Washington D.C., in the US follow this license plate law; Massachusetts being one of them.

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The Truth behind the Plates

So, if safety and law enforcement arent the main driving force behind this law, what is? Well, according to some experts, revenue is the purpose.

The cost of the extra plate is not a significant amount, but when it is added up by the millions of vehicles on the road in those 31 states, that number becomes fairly large.

Law enforcement does play a role, however, as having a second plate makes photographing law-breakers easier and more accurate.

A study found that having two plates make it easier for the US Customs and Border Protection to screen vehicles as they pass between countries. Also, as police officers in the field suspect drivers of foul-play, scanning the plates is more accurate when there are two. Rather than having to catch the numbers at one specific angle, officers are given two opportunities to quickly and accurately scan the license plate numbers and runt hem in through their database.

The overall cost of an extra plate doesnt seem to place a significant financial strain on drivers individually, and recognizing that it does hold some law enforcement value, and therefore the overall safety of the road, is important.

Safety is paramount in every aspect of driving, so you may find it worth biting the bullet and obeying the two license plate law as a Massachusetts driver.

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